Pixton Comics wins $30,000 award

Online business based in Parksville gets value from BC Innovation Council

Pixton Comics founder Clive Goodinson holds the plaque he earned from the BC Innovation Council during the BCIC New Ventures Competition.

Pixton Comics founder Clive Goodinson holds the plaque he earned from the BC Innovation Council during the BCIC New Ventures Competition.

There’s nothing like finding something you love to do for a living and finding a place to live where you can do that thing to the best of your ability.

Then, once you have all of that, throw in a bonus $30,000 to help make your career just that much better.

That’s what happened to Clive and Daina Goodinson, whose Parksville-based company — Pixton Comics — just earned a $30,000 grand prize in the second annual BC Innovation Council New Ventures Competition.

According to the BCIC, winners were selected based on which companies have the most potential for success.

Speaking with The News shortly after the BCIC announcement on Feb. 27, Clive Goodinson said he was competing with 55 other companies when the competition first started. Over three rounds — which saw him paired with three mentors to improve his sales pitch and delivery — Goodinson survived scrutiny by a panel of jurors.

“I went to Kelwona to a small awards ceremony,” he said, adding he knew he had done well — just not how well.

Pixton Comics Inc. won the grand prize — $30,000 to help take his company to the next level.

“I was amazed, looking at the other companies in the competition,” Goodinson said. “There was a Victoria-based video communication platform for universites being run by one company, and many more. I must have impressed (the judges).”

Pixton Comics Inc. is an online, interactive comic-building website. Called an online storytelling platform, Pixton allows users (some 750,000 registered, from 200 countries, since 2008) to customize their own comic.

Goodinson said he has been interested in comics since he was youngster in the U.K. Later in life, he became a web developer, working on projects for companies like Honda and Harley Davidson. With that background, he said he had always wanted to create a platform where people could build a comic. So, he developed a system that allows people to move characters, add backgrounds, change expression and add their own story. These days, his system is used all over the world and has been translated into 10 languages.

The idea germinated in Vancouver where he and Daina had been living. They decided they wanted more room two years ago, and moved to Parksville. And since the work was all web-based, and Pixton a two-person operation, coming to the central Island has been no problem.

Goodinson said his hope now is  to grow the company. One of the mentors he worked with in the BCIC competition has continued to offer advice and help open doors. This has added to his experience with the BCIC event, and he said he’s ready for the next step.

“This (award) makes life easier,” he said. “It’s extra revenue we can use.”

To find out more, visit pixton.com. To learn more about the BIC, visit bcic.ca.