Amputee Champs help young peers

Program aids those who need it most

Julian Telfer-Wan offered advice to young campers

Julian Telfer-Wan offered advice to young campers

Julian Telfer-Wan, 15, of Qualicum Beach, is back from The War Amps annual BC Child Amputee (CHAMP) seminar in Vancouver. 

Born a left hand amputee, he was a Junior Counsellor, through which he was able to answer questions and offering advice to young Champs.  

He took part in a “show and tell” session, showing the device he uses to play trombone, and was also presented with a CHAMP Ambassador Certificate for donating the Canadian Army newsreels to his local library as part of The War Amps Operation Legacy, which passes on the remembrance message from war amputee veterans to the younger generation.

The seminar covered subjects such as the latest developments in artificial limbs, parenting an amputee child, dealing with teasing and bullying, learning to drive and the importance for amputees of staying active.

Jennah Stavroff, 26, who grew up in Qualicum Beach, was invited to give a speech about growing up in the CHAMP Program. Jennah, who lost a leg to cancer at the age of 7, spoke to the young Champs attending about the impact of the program on her and how it helped to put her on the road to independence. She is now enjoying a successful career in the radio field in Victoria.

Seminars are life-changing events, particularly for first-time attendees. 

“Meeting others with exactly the same concerns, and seeing how they have overcome them, has a profound effect on how they regard their amputation,” said CHAMP Director Lucie Waddell.

CHAMP and all its programs are funded solely through public support of The War Amps Key Tag and Address Label Service.  

For more information, call 1-800-250-3030 or visit

— News Staff