Attack survivor finds a new home

Gosling rescued in Coombs

Andre the gosling has been relocated to an animal rehabilitation centre in Methcosin

Andre the gosling has been relocated to an animal rehabilitation centre in Methcosin

A wild Canada Goose gosling that survived an attack at the rabbit sanctuary in Coombs last month has now been relocated to the B.C. SPCA’s Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (Wild Arc) in Metchosin. 

Susan Vickery, founder of Earth Animal Humane Education and Rescue Society (EARS), who looks after the rabbits, said she received calls about the little goose, who survived the attack where 20 rabbits were stomped to death.

“I didn’t think the goose was a centre piece but it seems that so many people were really moved by that.” 

Vickery acquired the goose after he was dropped off by a Port Alberni resident. The man found the goose wandering alone in his driveway, and since the SPCA was closed, he took it to the World Parrot Refuge in Coombs. President of the refuge, Wendy Huntbatch, didn’t think the goose would get along with the parrots, so asked Vickery if he could stay at the sanctuary. Vickery wasn’t sure if it would work out but she was pleasantly surprised.

“It was sweet,” she said. “Just the way he curled up with these rabbits and they were grooming him and keep him warm … it was very darling.”

As the Andre the goose’s feathers came in it became clear that it was a wild Canada Goose, and the sanctuary could not legally keep him. After the attack Vickery received an e-mail from Wild Arc asking if she’d like the goose to be raised there with other wild migratory birds, and then released. Vickery agreed. Andre has been at his new home for about a week now but has had some trouble fitting in. 

“There was a pack of them led by a bit of a bully goose picking on the one that came from Coombs and now they have been released,” said Kari Marks, branch manager at Wild Arc. One smaller goose in that pack was held back, Marks explained, and is now residing with Andre. 

“He is now in with a lower ranked goose and he and his buddy are doing quite well actually.”

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