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Couple gets surprise barbershop quartet concert in Parksville on their 60th wedding anniversary

‘Charisma Bypass’ shows up at their hotel to sing favourite tunes
Keith and Elizabeth Smith, serenaded by Charisma Bypass. (Michael Briones photo)

Keith and Elizabeth Smith had a 60th wedding anniversary to remember.

The couple were vacationing in Parksville for the event, so their children thought it would be a special surprise to have a Barbershop Quartet show up at their hotel. Charisma Bypass, a local group, swung by the Tigh Na Mara Seaside Resort to surprise the duo. The couple snuck in some dances and took in the music on their Aug. 13 anniversary.

In terms of how to stay happily married for 60 years, the pair pointed towards keeping each other laughing, as well as being patient.

“Tolerance and a good sense of humour,” said Elizabeth. “Real affection.”

“And just keep the love going,” added Keith.

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Peter Coles, a member of Charisma Bypass, said he worked with their children to plan a repertoire for the Smiths. Their children would normally be vacationing with them, but can’t due to COVID-19.

“They are fans of Frank Sinatra, so [we sang] ‘Witchcraft’,” he said. “I just leaped at the opportunity because, yes, I’m a romantic and to honour somebody who has been married for 60 years is a real treat for us.”

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