Covenant never registered. Now it’s too late.

Strata covenant was never registered on property within the Little Qualicum River Village strata.

Although a covenant was executed for 40 parcels within the Little Qualicum River Village Building Strata back in 2002, it was never properly registered.

Due to regulatory amendments and developments since that time, the covenant can no longer be applied, explained RDN Chief Administrative Officer, Carol Mason, at a committee of the whole meeting earlier this month.

“There really are no options in terms in registering a covenant,” she said. “However we do feel comfortable with the Riparian Areas Regulations and the implementation of building inspections in Electoral Area F. We do think there are controls in place to deal with future development on the properties.”

The covenant was put in place due to concerns with environmental impact and the opinion that the properties could not accommodate onsite septic disposal.

Staff recommended that no further action be taken with respect to the covenant, and the report was received for information.