Disaster in Japan

Help still needed after quake, tsunami

There was a big earthquake that happened on the 11th of March in Fukushima, Japan.

The level of the earthquake was 9 on the Richter scale. 

In the affected area, tsunami waves of up to 23.6 metres high occurred. 

There are 11,004 people missing in the area — 2,778 people were injured or killed and there are 17,339 missing.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan asked the Japanese public to act calmly and tune into various media for updated information. He also set up emergency headquarters in his office to co-ordinate the government’s response.

The nuclear power plant that was built in Fukushima has been damaged by the earthquake. Since radiation has leaked from the reactor, the wind has blown and brought the radiation to the western countries. People are worried about getting sick all over the world.

The Japanese students who are currently studying in Parksville and  Qualicum Beach must be especially concerned. 

Kwalikum Secondary School is holding a garage sale activity, students and teachers are donating money and helping to raise  money for the Red Cross.

— Steven Yeung is a student at KSS


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