Doctors do their bit for the hungry

Healthy choices promoted by Oceanside physicians' group

Dr. Satish Desa

Dr. Satish Desa

Some Oceanside physicians make a point of going beyond the confines of their clinics and offices to help out in the greater community and that was certainly true of physicians working with the Oceanside Division of Family Practice.

The group was formed in 2010 as an initiative that allows local physicians, to interact in a formal manner regarding local issues that are relevant to the Oceanside family physicians and their patients.

One of the goals of the Oceanside Division is to promote health and wellness in this area.

For this reason the PAWOR group (pronounced power) was started, with its first task to promote healthy giving during the recent holiday season.

After the Salvation Army in Oceanside told the group about their desire to help families that have special dietary needs — such as those with gluten sensitivity, diabetes mellitus, milk allergy and those on a vegan diet.

The group had Dr. Geri Sera and Veena Desai cruise the aisles of Quality Foods to select healthy food items, such as fruits and vegetables, to stock food bank shelves.

In all, the group was able to donate $2,500 worth of healthy food.


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