‘Inspired journeys’ show set for conference centre

Jill Louise Campbell will be bringing her original work to Parksville for a one-day sale and exhibition October 26

She is one of Salt Spring Island’s internationally-recognized artists and Jill Louise Campbell will be bringing her original work to Parksville for a one-day sale and exhibition October 26.

The Inspired Journeys art show at the Parksville Community and Conference Centre from 11 a.m. to 4  p.m. will include originals, limited editions and gift prints for sale. Campbell’s portrayal of small native villages along our coast and her Vancouver Island cottages and gardens collections are her favourite subjects. The artist, along with her husband Duart, will be on hand to talk about her work and her inspiration.

She said last year was the first time she had a show in Parksville and she had such a good response she can’t wait to return. “It was such a great show in Parksville. I can’t get over how much we were warmly received.”

Campbell was educated in Quebec and followed in her grandmother and aunt’s footsteps, who both exhibited art in Montreal. She said she was also influenced by Marc Chagall. A year of her studies was at The Sorbonne in Paris and while there she immersed herself in museums and galleries soaking in the art and history of Europe. She is an artist whose love of nature and culture is expressed in her work as impressionistic, naive, and dream like.

Her style is described as a soulful connection to the land that is magical, wondrous, whimsical and enchanting. Campbell has been interpreting island life for many years but her work also reflects her world travels to Italy, France, Ireland, India and Tibet and she says she is looking forward to traveling back to Europe in the Spring.

“I feel comfortable going back and seeing my favourite places but I also like exploring new areas because it is such a feast.”

She will also be visiting Peru for the first time and although she won’t be painting while she is there she said she will take a lot of pictures which will eventually be the subject of some paintings.

Collectors are drawn to the warmth and vibrant colours of Campbell’s paintings and recently she was featured as an “artist to collect” in a 20-page article in the prestigious Arabella Fine Art and Design magazine.

Campbell said she was thrilled to be featured in such a wonderful Canadian magazine which showcased 20 of her paintings.

“It is something an artist dreams of.  Because it has such a big distribution we got a lot of inquires about my art from all over North America,” she explained.

When Campbell isn’t painting she is kayaking in the protected tranquil waters at her doorstep which deeply influence her paintings.

“The sea is all around me.  I do a lot of little day trips because we live in such a beautiful world and there is a lot to see.  We also have a trawler and we go boating and exploring.  I love just meandering up and down the coast discovering beautiful inlets.  I am interested in aboriginal art and culture and spiritually having that connection via water.”

Her medium is water colour, gouache, oil, and a mixed media of gold leaf, fabric, and pen and ink and most of her paintings are completed in one sitting of often six or more hours.

“I have friends who are artists and spend a month on a painting … that is not my style.  When I begin a painting it is blossoming and I stay with the blossom until it is finished.”

Campbell will also be bringing copies of her her newest coffee table book with over 100 pages and more than 80 vivid images.