Labyrinth no maze

Parksville students create a place of peace

Sascha Hopfer (from left)

Sascha Hopfer (from left)

Parksville Elementary School students now have a new tool to help them focus and learn, as well as have fun, according to Holly Carnegie Letcher who helped them build a labyrinth on Friday.

“A labyrinth is a peaceful pathway that provides an opportunity for a relaxing, meditative walk,” she explained during the busy day in which every student got to help paint it on the school pavement in multi-coloured hand prints.

“A labyrinth is not a maze. There is one path winding around into the centre and you take the same path out,” she said. “There’s no wrong way to walk and there are no dead ends.”

She said the activity is meant to invoke peace, relaxation, focus, health and fun among a long list of benefits people claim for the 4,000-year-old practice.

She said it will be a great way for the students to unwind and can be used for everything from play to team building.

Letcher believes it is the first hand-print labyrinth of over a 100 in the province and may even be the first in the country.

The painted circular structure will be sealed and should last for years.