Middle school move sparks anger

Pages of the Past

• Tensions between some families and the school district are high after people had their vehicles immobilized for parking in a restricted zone in front of Springwood Middle School. 

The area in question was designed for school buses and emergency vehicles but furious residents said they’ve been parking there for months. Dozens of cars had ‘the boot’ placed on their tires in three separate rounds of enforcement.


10 years ago


• Students, staff and parents of False Bay Elementary School on Lasqueti Island had a national award winner at the helm. Daniel Rubin, principal and teacher at the school, was one of 50 Canadian recipients of Certificates of Achievement in the 1999-2000 Prime Ministers Awards for Teaching Excellence.


20 years ago


 • B.C. Hydro asked the general public and businesses to refrain from attaching signs and poster to power poles. Linemen had been injured when their climbing spurs slipped on the cards, nails and staples.