Plumping up for the lean times

Food bank gets a helping hand from Seaside Cruizers and Quality Foods

Norm Biddlecombe

Norm Biddlecombe

With the giving of the Christmas season just a distant memory, the Salvation Army food bank can use all the help it can get, says Major Rolf Guenther.

That help came Tuesday in the form of two pallets of food — $6,000 worth — jointly donated by the Seaside Cruizers Car Club and Quality Foods.

The $3,000 donation from the car club, said president Norm Biddlecombe, marks the last of the disbursements from last year’s car show, but it was a big one, made all the bigger when Quality Foods matched it dollar for dollar.

“This will really make a difference,” said a grateful Guenther. “After Christmas always comes the lean time.”