Scouts get new uniforms this year

Boy Scouts, Beavers and Cubs will get a whole new look

When local Beavers, Cubs and Scouts go out and about this season, many of them will be sporting a whole new look.

District Commissioner Gord Buckingham said Scouts Canada has rolled out a new uniform for the movement this year and they are now available for purchase.

The new uniforms, he said, are more practical and a little less formal than in the past.

“There was a big PR blitz in the spring about the new uniforms and they are now available,” Buckingham said. “They are a little bit less formal and a little more functional than previously,  and they were designed by the participants and Joe Fresh, who is a famous designer from the Lower Mainland.

For those joining Beavers there is a vest a hat and little neckerchief, while for Cubs there is a gray outer shirt and for Scouts there is a green shirt and a neckerchief.

However, for those who already own the old uniforms — which still fit — Buckingham said it’s fine to keep with the old style.