Snowfall brings out the young entepreneurs

Mike McNamee shovels a lot of snow in Parksville and now he's hoping to donate some of his earnings back to the community.

Mike McNamee gets his back into shoveling snow in Parksville Wednesday.

Mike McNamee gets his back into shoveling snow in Parksville Wednesday.

Mike McNamee is hoping to be able to do a little more than just shovel snow this week.

The Parksville resident is out in the streets, offering to shovel driveways and storefronts for a small fee. It’s a job the young entrepreneur says he has been doing each winter, for the two or three days that the snow flies in the mid-Island. This time, however, he said he wants to give back a portion of his earnings and help a needy child play some hockey.

McNamee said he approached a Parksville business and cleared their sidewalk. He mentioned his idea to the owner and received a little support in the form of a potential in-kind donation. McNamee said he would like to donate 25 per cent of what he hopes to earn shoveling snow this week.

“I’ve been doing this for a while, and I’d like to give something back,” he explained.

McNamee said he wants to meet with the mayor of the City of Parksville soon, to see if there’s any shoveling he can do for – with the support of, and perhaps a financial contribution from – the city.

“There are a lot of people who can’t get around in the snow,” McNamee said. “As long as there’s snow, I’ll be out there.”

He encourages people and business owners to give him a call at 250-586-3329, and he’ll come around the shovel the snow. As well, anyone who knows a child who would like to play hockey but cannot afford to, can call.