Front row: Peggy Svhollenberg

Front row: Peggy Svhollenberg

The Oceanside Community Arts Council elects new board

The OCAC's new board was announced on Tuesday, April 19

The Oceanside Community Arts Council is pleased to announce the election of a new board of directors for 216/17:

Heidi Abbott (president), Susan Wismer (vice-president), Cam McLean (treasurer), Mary Ellen Campbell (secretary) and directors, David Douglas, Robert Held, Stuart Clark, Peter Humphries, Kendra Martin, Tom Roy, Peggy Schollenberg and Carla Flegal.

The OCAC is a non-profit organization serving the communities of District 69. The mission of the OCAC is to elevate the creative arts in the communities of Oceanside through collaboration, communication and celebration.

— Submitted by the OCAC