What’s a living wage for a family of four?

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Michael McCarthy Flynn ... featured speaker

Michael McCarthy Flynn ... featured speaker

Work, says Jill McCaffery, should lift people out of poverty, not keep them there.

For this reason, said the spokesperson for the District 69 Living Wage Coalition, she’s hoping for a big turnout when her group holds a forum on the idea of a living wage next week.

The event, slated for 7 p.m. on Oct. 26 at St. Edmund’s Anglican Church Hall in Parksville, will feature a talk by Michael McCarthy Flynn, the organizer for the Living Wage for Families Campaign in British Columbia. This campaign was an important influence in the City of New Westminster becoming the first city in Canada to implement a living wage policy.

The campaign has also developed a living wage employer recognition process  for private business in Metro Vancouver, with many organizations, including Vancity signing up.

“We are thrilled to have Michael to introduce and discuss the campaign with our community,” said McCaffery. “The Living Wage for Working Families is one of the most powerful and effective tools available to address the troubling state of poverty in our district and our province.”

The agenda includes an overview of the living wage calculation, specifically identifying what a family of four with two working parents needs to earn to have an adequate, no frills living in District 69.

“I think the public will be shocked at just how difficult it is for working families,” she said. “We are seeking the support of the community for this important initiative because we believe that work should lift families out of poverty, not keep them there.”