Why Try program gets boost

Positive Life choices promoted

Members of Parksville’s Health Unit and youth ENITY program.

Members of Parksville’s Health Unit and youth ENITY program.

Students across School District 69 (Qualicum) will be able to help more of their fellow students with the Why Try curriculum thanks to a donation from the Parksville Health Unit.

The unit raised $850 through a silent auction at the recent Health and Wellness Fair and donated the money to the local ENITY program.

ENITY (educating new ideas toward youth ) is a partnership between public health and the school district that trains peer educators in high school to give lessons on sensitive health and relationship topics.

Christine Urquhart, of Parksville Public Health said when they offer the Why Try curriculum to a grade they offer it to the entire grade to give students an equal understanding of important personal issues. 

Why Try is about students’ life choices and how their choices have consequences.

They use music and metaphor to help students understand you don’t just end up with a great life, it is the result of your actions and they try to empower them to be happy with who they are.

The health unit donation will allow Why Try to be taught to more students.