YOUR PHOTOS: Snapshots from a rare April snow day in Parksville Qualicum Beach

(Beverly Drazic photo)(Beverly Drazic photo)
(Jessie Bee photo)(Jessie Bee photo)
(Irene Harford photo)(Irene Harford photo)
(Jen Warburton photo)(Jen Warburton photo)
(Carrie Ann Hohnstein photo)(Carrie Ann Hohnstein photo)
(Vickie Mihoc photo)(Vickie Mihoc photo)
(Janice Colefield photo)(Janice Colefield photo)
(Don Barbeau photo)(Don Barbeau photo)
(Rick Slavin photo)(Rick Slavin photo)
(Laurie Rankin photo)(Laurie Rankin photo)
(Janet McLean photo)(Janet McLean photo)
(JC Tirone photo)(JC Tirone photo)
(Leslie Walker photo)(Leslie Walker photo)
(Cheri Keddy photo)(Cheri Keddy photo)
(Christine Mah photo)(Christine Mah photo)
(Ashley Sabine Partington photo)(Ashley Sabine Partington photo)

Snow on April 10?

It was a surprise dumping of the white stuff Sunday in Parksville Qualicum Beach.

Included here is a sampling of photos shared by PQB News readers.

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— NEWS Staff

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