Exhibition promises to take you to a whimsical place

Work From Linny D. Vine will be hanging at TOSH until Aug 5.

View this photo and others by Victoria's Linny D. Vine at TOSH until Aug 5.

View this photo and others by Victoria's Linny D. Vine at TOSH until Aug 5.



Make your way to Linnyland to enjoy a warm and whimsical place, filled with character.

Linny D. Vine is an acrylic and oil painter from Victoria and she is holding an exhibition at the Old School House Art Gallery in Qualicum Beach until Aug 5.

Vine was born in Saskatchewan, grew up in Vancouver and moved to Victoria in 1992. The show at TOSH is called Let’s all go to Linnyland, a name given to world she has created inside her paintings.

Vine came up with the place name while working at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria’s Moss Street Paint-In, on a “not so beautiful day.” People were commenting on how her paintings showed such a desirable place.

“I’d say welcome to Linnyland, it’s always warm and sunny,” she said.

Vine’s paintings are colourful and imaginative and “have a little bit of wonk to them,” she said. She gets her inspiration from her interpretations of the world, and agreed her optimism shines through in her work. When doing a commissioned piece, oddities and imperfections in a house or subject may not originally appear beautiful, but often turn into wonderful and joyful parts of the piece, she said.

For more on Vine visit her website: linnydvine.com. Also showing at TOSH until August 5 is artist Peggy Burkosky’s exhibition entitled Harvesting Land and Sea.

The collection depicts people in their daily pursuits of making a living in their natural settings, locally and throughout the coastal communities of B.C. For more information visit www.peggyburkosky.com.

For more on TOSH visit www.theoldschoolhouse.org or call 250-752-6133.