Grant helps put new face on century-old MAC

Exciting things are on the horizon at the McMillan Art Centre, as its centennial celebrations kick into high gear.


The old McMillan school building, which has been in the heart of Parksville for 100 years, is starting to show her age but a restoration program is underway to give the old building a face lift.

A $100,000 grant from a Job Creation Partnership is helping pay for the work. MAC Board President Chris Raines said once the renovations are completed the building will be beautiful on the inside and out.  It’s expected the work will take a few months to complete.  In the meantime, several events are scheduled at the MAC throughout the month of June to celebrate the MAC’s 100th birthday.

A Ragtime/Dixieland concert featuring Bill Cave and his band will take place June 7 at 7 p.m. An alumni tea is schedule for June 12 and reservations must be made for the event. There is a Blues Cabaret concert June 14 and a Centennial Family Fun Day happens June 15.  On June 21 there will be a special Centennial MACoustic folk night, and on June 28 there is a Swing to Rock & Roll concert.