New Album for Layla Zoe

Zoe says The Lily features her best work and is an honest album

Former resident Layla Zoe is releasing a new album called The Lily Aug. 30.

Former resident Layla Zoe is releasing a new album called The Lily Aug. 30.


Layla Zoe has a new album and some of the songs on it have been stewing inside her for years.

“I wrote a song about my father that I have been trying to write for a very, very, long time,” said the former resident. “Finally I was able to write this song and it ended up on the new album. I am very proud of how honest I was in my songwriting on this record.”

The Lily is officially being released Aug 30 in Europe. This is Zoe’s seventh album, produced and co-written by Henrik Freischlader and released on the independent German label, Cable Car Records.

Zoe said the work is by far her best to date. She said it’s an honest album, with deep, emotionally raw songs, that showcase the many sides to her voice.

Zoe will be touring Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and France this fall, and doing a small CD release in her current hometown Montreal, before performing at the Women’s Blues Revue at Massey Hall in Toronto.

“I am really excited about playing this legendary venue in Toronto again,” she said.

Zoe will most likely be moving to Germany in the coming months, but will continue visiting family in this area when her schedule allows.

Get the album on iTunes after Aug 30 or buy the CD or double vinyl through her record label at  Visit the Layla Zoe Fanpage on Facebook for news or visit her website