Street Dance meant to shed light on youth scene

A free event in Parksville this Saturday organized for local youth will get people of all ages dancing in the street

Local group Kumbana Marimba is hosting a free Street Dance in Parksville Aug 24.

Local group Kumbana Marimba is hosting a free Street Dance in Parksville Aug 24.


There is a lack of things to do for youth in this area and a local marimba band wants to change that.

“There’s lots of activities for children, there’s lot of activities for families and seniors and things but, for youth, I know myself and a lot of my friends have had a hard time finding things all year, but especially in the summer, to do,” said Fahlon Smith of Kumbana Marimba.

That’s why the group is holding a free Street Dance at the Coastal Community Credit Union parking lot Saturday, Aug 24. The event starts at 6:30 p.m. and will feature Kumbana Marimba as well as two other youth-friendly groups that pump out the dance beats: the Des Larson Trio and The Fresh Pots.

Smith said she hopes the event will stir up some awareness of the local youth scene in the community and perhaps be a catalyst for more youth-centered events.

Smith said when the idea to hold a free street dance aimed at youth was suggested by a group member she didn’t think it would fly in the community, as far as getting enough support and sponsors to hold the show.

“I did not think it would be possible at all,” she said. “But it was such a pleasant surprise at how much support and encouragement the community showed, everyone has been jumping in wherever possible with sponsors and equipment we need.”

Smith said she expects there will be food vendors on-site and alcohol would not be permitted at the event. Although the dance is aimed at youth, she hopes to see people of all ages enjoying the music, she said.  The Coastal Community Credit Union is located in downtown Parksville between the Alberni Highway and Craig Street. For more visit Kumbana Marimba’s Facebook page.