Vaudeville returns to Errington for 10th year

Tickets available starting Jan. 26 for the Feb. 20-22 shows

The Night at the Palace is celebrating its 10th anniversary and tickets go on sale Jan. 26 at the Errington Hall.

The Night at the Palace is celebrating its 10th anniversary and tickets go on sale Jan. 26 at the Errington Hall.

It’s the 10th anniversary of the famed Errington Night at the Palace and this year the spectacle will be bigger than ever.

The vaudeville show includes self-directed acts consisting of dance, music performance, singing, comedy, belly dancing, a can-can show, burlesque and more, all set in the era between the 1880s and 1930s.

This year the shows will run Feb. 20, 21 and 22 and tickets go on sale Jan. 26.

The idea for the show came to light 10 years ago when trying to figure out a big fundraising event for the Hall to get people excited in the cold, winter months.

“At that time we had to pound the pavement in costumes getting it out there to the public to get audience members,” said act co-ordinator Nayana Mongeau, who has been involved in the show since the beginning. “And then, four years ago, we sold out tickets in four minutes.”

The next year the show expanded to be performed over three days and now the Night at the Palace is the Hall’s biggest fundraiser and has afforded the venue a great sound system and the actors, much-needed head microphones for performing.

“You can imagine we’re all very proud and excited and we feel very successful in this 10-year venture,” said Mongeau.

This year proceeds from the show will help the hall pay for new back stage curtains, the new refurbished piano, and soon, LED stage lighting.

The Night at the Palace usually consists of about 40 performers that range from professional to amateur. This is year it will be closer to 50 performers, Mongeau said, so the show will be a bit longer than usual, and around 100 volunteers will help bring it all together. The first class musical group called the Night at the Palace Band creates a strong foundation to the performances every year, Mongeau explained, which  includes her husband and musician Galen Mongeau. He is also the music co-ordinator of the show.

This year audiences will get a taste of the Middle East, with props that include a giant copper hookah, and there will be a steampunk feel this year, Mongeau said. Steampunk is a trend that combines modern technology with the design aesthetic of the Victorian Age. In fact, emcee David Malek will have his own steampunk time machine, she divulged.

“There are some amazing costumes,” said Nayana.

The hall will be decorated vaudeville-style and audience members are encouraged to dress up in period costume.

Tickets are $25 and there is a limit of four per person for the Friday and Saturday shows. Get tickets Jan. 26 from 1 to 2 p.m. at the Errington Hall. Any remaining tickets will be sold at the Errington Store.

Doors will open for the show at 7:30 p.m. and the fun kicks off at 8 p.m. on all three nights.


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