Before you sling disrespect, get to know the youth of today

Before you sling disrespect, get to know the youth of today

Re: ‘Children Need to Learn to Think for Themselves’ (Letters, PQB News, Oct. 22)

Dear Saint Brian Davis,

How dare you point your arrogant, carbon neutral finger at the children of our community? Based on your rhetoric, I conclude that you are a curmudgeon without children.

Otherwise, you would be aware that children in fact, do not make the household spending and school district budgeting (or air conditioning) decisions.

And just so you know, most kids love sandwiches, books and bike riding.

Your generation certainly embraced changes that your elders disagreed with; changes that seemed radical to them in that time; changes they looked upon with fear.

You were making political, environmental, and consumer decisions before the children you are attacking were born. Decisions that contributed to the current state of our planet. It is wrong for adults to accuse children of being uneducated, spoiled, selfish hypocrites, who only care about social media, convenience and plastic, just as it is wrong for children to blame adults for placing the world in this state of climate crisis.

Group identity blaming creates divisiveness, leading to conflict and discrimination. What we really need now is to create solutions together. Children today are aware of, and involved in, current and global events. They pay attention; they have every democratic right to raise their voices in valid concern about the state of our environment.

As a parent in our community, I encourage my children to take a stand for their values; especially when those values take into consideration the well being of others.

We discuss politics; how their informed choices and buying power determine policy making, about environment, and the future health of our planet. Before you sling disrespect, get to know the youth of today. Ask them what they hold dear.

Listen to their answers and their concerns. Let go of your rage, fear, and preconceived notions.

You will see that you have misunderstood today’s children. And… you owe them an apology.

Elidah Jewer

Qualicum Beach