Climate change movement is ‘a scam to move other agendas’

Climate change movement is ‘a scam to move other agendas’

So the Qualicum school district board has declared there is a climate emergency.

May I have the temerity to ask about the qualifications in physics and climatology of the members that gives them this licence?

Are they aware that human-sourced CO2 is only 1/85,000 of the planet’s atmosphere? How can such a miniscule amount cause extinctions?

Are they aware that the B.C. carbon tax can only impact the planet five- to fourteen-millionths of a degree? And that is using the most optimistic numbers claimed by its proponents.

We note that every climate catastrophe prediction so far has been wrong, like the Y2K scare. Remember ice-free Arctic by 2009? No snow after 2015? Global famine by the end of the 1990s? Climate change is normal. Nothing to date is outside known historical fluctuations.

The climate 12 years from now will be the same as now, or perhaps cooler if the sun goes dormant. Well one good thing of this fiasco, the kids being frightened today will realize in a decade or so that they have been royally hoaxed and that the climate change movement is a scam to move other agendas.

Julian Fell