Electric vehicles can save you money in the long run

Electric vehicles can save you money in the long run

Re: ‘Parking problems’; (PQB News, Nov. 5) and ‘Climate crisis crowd doesn’t need freebies’ (PQB News, Nov. 7)

I have been an electric vehicle (EV) driver for about six years now, and I believe the rationale for location of Level 2 (6 kW) car chargers has been to draw customers into commercial establishments, as in Nanaimo’s Woodgrove Centre (although the Tesla chargers have been relegated to the outback).

I agree with the above letter-writers that displacing a disability parking spot for a car charger is unfortunate. I can only assume installation cost was a factor, but I wish it had been placed elsewhere.

As to the comment “… to provide free electricity to an expensive electric vehicle…”, I feel there is a belief that electric vehicles are more expensive than most cars, and are driven by “rich people”. This distresses me, because I bought a 2013 Nissan Leaf to save money, not throw it away on a luxury vehicle.

At 20,000 kilometres per year average usage, the vehicle would consume about 2,000 litres of fuel, costing (these days) about $3,200 per year including maintenance (mufflers, brakes, spark plugs, oil changes, warranty service, etc.)

My vehicle required zero maintenance. The regenerative braking recharges the battery; brakes last “forever”, there is no exhaust system to rust out, and the cost of “fuel” (hydro) would be about $432 per year.

There is no question, the cost of an EV over the life of the vehicle is far less than a gas-burner.

N.W. Eddy