Keep your dog on a leash

Keep your dog on a leash

Please, respect on-leash bylaws.

While walking on the new Parksville Wetlands Trail, on the morning of the Remembrance Day, I was unpleasantly surprised by a large, black dog.

The dog came at me barking and the second large, black dog followed. The owners appeared soon from adjacent walkway. One restrained and leashed the second dog, but the older male seemed unconcerned by my discomfort.

When I indicated that it wasn’t an off-leash area, he swore and told me about his rights to do as he pleases. He was sure that his dog was harmless and I was overreacting. It was a very upsetting moment and I am now concerned about my safety and my rights to have a pleasant and relaxing walk on our beautiful new trail.

There is a large off-leash park just around the corner. Please, use it and respect the law.

Dorota Smith