LETTER: Adapting will be the new norm with COVID-19

LETTER: Adapting will be the new norm with COVID-19

Theories and speculation abound, false news is rampant, so much is unknown and conclusions aren’t yet in sight. Will we ever know the truth?— I doubt it. Every household on earth has been affected and I’m willing to bet each has an opinion. Wouldn’t it be great if an omniscient being would give us a brief and simple explanation of how COVID-19 originated and how it will all end?

Are we overreacting? Of course we are. Are longterm mistakes being made? You bet they are and we will live with those mistakes for a good long time. But in all fairness, a lot has been done right, too. Who will ever forget the medical profession and the frontline workers who have laid their lives on-the-line to keep us safe? We should also give ourselves credit for co-operating the way we have; the results speak volumes.

I wonder how a parent would answer a child’s question asking why this is all happening? How would we phrase a simple answer to an innocent child? Perhaps a simple heartfelt answer like: “Maybe we were going too fast and it’s God’s way of saying, “Perhaps now, you will slow down a little and think about how to do things better.”

For sure the following will be altered or affected:

Personnel and corporate debt, bankruptcies, marginal businesses, COVID-19 baby boom, food shortages and higher food costs, medical overload, air and cruise ship travel, one-way aisles, sneeze guards, hands-free shopping, more low-end stores, home businesses, take-out, online buying, robotics, food and senior housing inspections, gun control, policing (increased theft, scams, road-rage, home violence, home invasion, racial violence), public gatherings such as sports events, concerts and parades and car sales. I’m sure there’s many more I’ve missed.

Of course government bureaucracy will overcompensate, which will add to our already overburdened system.

Will we learn from our past and adapt to it and move forward, or curse it and lose ourselves in confusion and fear? The answers are not simple. Adapting will be the new norm…

Ron Gobeil


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