LETTER: Be respectful of others while out shopping

LETTER: Be respectful of others while out shopping

I’m a senior and today I had to bark at someone to back off in a store.

Now my hat is off for everyone who is working through this challenge. However, as much as they are trying to set up guidelines within stores, there are always someone who doesn’t care.

My frustration has accumulated from the older couple that was in the ATM last week and after using the ATM, stayed within the unit on the phone. I opened the door and asked if they could come out to complete their call as only two were allowed within the structure.

Finally a few people just gave up and went in but because I’m aware everything I do, I take forward to my elder mom, I waited as did others. What I did not expect was the name-calling at me from this older couple when they finally came out.

My next surprise was earlier this week at a grocery store. We had to line up and where given direction to follow the lines on the floor when in. Very clear. Once again, there was a fellow coming up the wrong way and he decided he wanted something right where I was and reached across. He was so close that if I’d leaned forward six inches I could have kissed him on the cheek. I jumped back and that led to all of the other people behind me scrambling to adjust.

Today, once again within a store that clearly has arrows, I was making a selection for my elder mom and had a person come right up to my elbow. This time I barked ‘back off’ (and it worked). I don’t like yelling at anyone and I felt really bad.

I’m begging people to be aware of other people while they are out shopping. If you have seniors in front of you, be patient. The grocery aisle is no longer a place to stop and catch up with your friends, do it outside.

If we are kind and thoughtful to each other, we will avoid the near fight in the grocery lineup behind me (someone tried push his way ahead of a long line).

We are better than this.

Lee Munro


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