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LETTER: Decisions on big issues in Qualicum Beach should be put on hold

In October 2018, the citizens of Qualicum Beach elected five members to the town council, one as mayor.

Today, there are only two council members plus the mayor and one must wonder if the council can make decisions in the best interests of the citizens who elected them.

How unfortunate, that a member of council found it necessary, to take a medical leave due to his concern over his working environment.

I salute Robert Filmer for his courage and strength of character for taking this stand as all people are entitled to a safe and respectful work environment.

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My observation of his conduct, shared by many others, is that he is respectful of all, does extensive research on all matters and listens to opposing views prior to making decisions with carefully thought out conclusions. If his abilities and youth are difficult for other council members to understand they are the ones with the problem.

The mayor should look to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of all concerned to develop the best attributes of each member to work effectively.

The secret of good decisions is a properly functioning collective of opinions of a full council, therefore until the full complement of council members is reinstated, I strongly suggest that any major issues be put on hold so that all citizens are represented.

Marion Jagger

Qualicum Beach

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