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LETTER: Don't let dogs loose on Parksville beach

Pooch owners can't make assumptions

I just came back from my first day sitting in the spectacular sunshine, relaxing with my eyes closed, on our beautiful sandy Parksville beach.

With no warning, an unleashed big dog came from behind my chair and surprised me by sticking its wet nose in my ear!

I shoved it away, turned around and yelled to its owner to please call it back to him. He didn’t.

This isn’t unusual.

There is hardly a day over all the years I have been sitting on our beach without being visited by a friendly unleashed dog who either wants to lick me, smell my snacks or even lift a leg and pee on my chair.

Dog owners, please, please don’t assume that everyone wants to have your unleashed dog visit them on our Parksville beach.

I have heard so many times that “he/she only wants to be friendly.”

Maybe I’m allergic? Maybe I’m afraid of dogs? Or maybe I just don’t want to pet your dog today?

I always ask dog owners if I can pat their pet before I assume it’s OK.

Please do the same.

Laurel Russell