LETTER: Local residents should be the people’s voice

LETTER: Local residents should be the people’s voice

I read with interest your greenbelt planning article (PQB News, July 22) and I do have a question.

Not that I doubt there is a petition or that there are 6,000 signatures attached I wonder who verifies these petitions we hear about.

As this is a Qualicum Beach community plan are those signatures all taxpayers or residents of the QB voting area?

I suppose whenever a check box and name for oppose or support is required certain internet websites petition wording will always attract a majority of oppose or the opposite bias from anybody who has web access and from anywhere.

I would like to see a verification process in place for Qualicum Beach on all petitions officially considered to ensure that the people of Qualicum Beach are the people’s voice who is being considered in town business.

Not those of far away anonymous strangers.

Gordon Olafsen

Qualicum Beach

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