LETTER: Make informed decisions regarding water quality

LETTER: Make informed decisions regarding water quality

Re: ‘Petition underway to get RDN to improve Sandpiper water quality’ (www.pqbnews.com, May 24)

Looking to the RDN to fix water quality issues in Sandpiper is the obvious solution, but at what cost? Based on the survey done in 2012 (referred to in your article) I can only assume that the cost of a dedicated water treatment plant would have been about $3 million.

Simple arithmetic: 245 households times $600 per year for 20 years. That was eight years ago so a present-day figure would be approximately $4.5 million.

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I have lived in Sandpiper for 26 years and know from experience that a multiple filter system with replaceable filters in the home is not the answer. Mine would clog up completely after four weeks and was very expensive to maintain.

Six years ago I moved to a new home in Sandpiper just 200 yards away from my previous house. I knew I would have the same water quality problems. I personally installed a Whirlpool whole house filtration system and have had crystal clear water virtually ever since. There are no filter cartridges to replace and the system is totally automatic and costs nothing to run. The cost for this permanent fix? About $700 including some plumbing fittings.

Rather less than the estimated $17,000 cost per household for a dedicated water treatment plant. I emailed Area G director Lehann Wallace explaining what I have and suggesting Sandpiper residents should be aware of this very economical option. Hopefully there will be enough Sandpiper residents reading your paper that can now make an informed decision.

Edward Mott


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