LETTER: Measures may give a false sense of security

LETTER: Measures may give a false sense of security

I have great concern about the recommendation that everyone wear a mask if unable to physically distance.

I’m a retired critical care/emergency nurse as well as having taught nursing. In the past few months I have observed an increasing number of people wearing masks.

I see many people fiddling with them when their faces are covered. Some people remove them and wear them under their chin. Some are worn over the mouth leaving their noses exposed. I wonder if these masks are being cleaned properly after each use.

Do they have a sufficient supply to take them through the day or do they use one mask the whole day? Do they wash their hands after touching these masks?

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I also see people wearing disposable gloves. They touch everything and anything. Again do they know how to remove them safely and do they wash their hands well after removing them. After all, the warm moist environment inside those gloves is great for all kinds of other bacteria and viruses to grow.

All these measures give many a false sense of security.

I’m not saying that these should not be used but there needs to be much more information and education disseminated for the safe use of these items.

Ruth Fraser

Qualicum Beach

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