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LETTER: Parksville has missed a big opportunity

Re: ‘Parksville council approves permit for RV campground, pool, restaurant at old Beach Resort site’ (www.pqbnews.com, Jan. 20)

A new trailer park on our beautiful beach. What a waste. I have never seen what I’d call an attractive trailer park.

There are already three areas within a mile of this, for trailers. I emailed the mayor to express my concerns and he was extremely fast and pleasant in his reply.

Nothing council can do as long as this proposal meets the rules and regulations. I sure hope the developer is going to put in tons of landscaping to hide what is basically a parking lot for big vehicles.

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The folks that were so dead set against the previous proposal of condo/ hotel/ rental apartments and shops because it was going to block the view, have a look at Google maps, or just walk by the old motel.

The only thing across the street is a gas station, bank and hardware store. I would have much preferred that development over a parking lot for RVs. Parksville has missed an opportunity to enhance the downtown district and instead I fear, shabby and tacky will be words we use to describe the area in the future.

Kandy Rogers


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