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LETTER: Parksville Qualicum Beach remains stuck in a growth mentality


The story of civilization is one of population growth, one to which we are all accustomed.

It is a common theme promoted by every politician and many others.

But I wonder how many of us are shocked, even alarmed at the explosive growth of construction in the Parksville Qualicum area over the last few years.

We are part of a world where growth has been given no boundaries, where more has always been equated with things like more opportunities, more jobs, more taxes to build more infrastructure – all good things.

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But who will decide when our roads are too full, the parks too crowded, the services too strained, the water too little?

Has anyone actually decided on what is enough development for the area, what is sustainable, what is desirable?

I fear we are stuck in a growth mentality. We don’t know how to throttle back, how to turn off the tap.

Let’s hope we learn how to manage our unbridled expansion before nature intervenes, we overstress our resources, and the tap is turned off for us.

Iain Donaldson


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