LETTER: Resident speaks out against proposed cell tower in Qualicum Beach

LETTER: Resident speaks out against proposed cell tower in Qualicum Beach

Issue remains a hot topic

Re: ‘Cell tower a hot topic’ (PQB News, Aug. 26)

Thank you Adam Walker and Teunis Westbroek for believing that town council works for the good of the people and for acknowledging that the residents of Qualicum Beach deserve to be heard on all subjects affecting their quality of life.

This particular council has recently ignored another large contingent of residents opposing deviation of the OCP for protected wetland development which recently resulted in a protest march to town hall.

Cell towers have always been deemed safe by engineers that create, not based on documented human studies by medical scientist or researchers prior to release of the product.

Why do we have to wait years to hear from scientists and the medical professions to put two and two together and for them to prove just how much devastation they can cause to our environment and human lives?

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In March at the Civic Centre, those opposed to the cell tower had the strongest turnout with participants ranging from young school children holding signs to 90-year-olds sitting on walkers.

In July at the council’s zoom meeting Coun. Filmer admits to a “large opposing sector”.

Petitions online and petitions signed by walking door-to-door in the affected neighbourhoods, back at the beginning of the year and now, gathered signatures/voices of 2,000-plus people. Letters were written then and more letters are being written every day asking to be heard.

Due process is becoming non-existent in Qualicum of late and its residents can never turn back the clock to undo the damage being done.

Barb Hooper

Qualicum Beach

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