LETTER: Stop complaining about wood burning

LETTER: Stop complaining about wood burning

I’m a third generation wood burner.

Part of the reason for burning wood is economics: my average hydro bill for two months is $140 to heat a 1,700-square foot house, the other part is the dry heat it generates it warms you right to bone.

So on those cold June days, when the temperature was below 10 C in the morning, I was burning wood.

The last letter I read in paper about the person complaining about wood smoke had been here for three years.

It made me wonder where they had moved from, and why they wanted me to change my lifestyle, they must have had some kind of air pollution where they came from.

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Within 100 yards of my home I know of six homes that burn wood.

So stop complaining, you have choices, you can always move, because I’ll still be burning wood for at least 20 years or so.

They say that wood heats you three times: once cutting, once splitting and stacking, and then when you burn it.

Brian Stevens

French Creek

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