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LETTER: Wear masks and follow the provincial guidelines

C’mon all you anti-maskers. Your arguments just don’t make sense.

We have a lot of new cases of COVID-19 traced back to large family gatherings, weddings, funerals, people not following rules in bars and the clientele spilling out on the streets shouting and hooting and high-fiving.

A lot is coming in by travellers. None of us have the data on how many cases of COVID-19 there are among the people who conscientiously followed the health guidelines, including the wearing of masks.

With a population of 5.07 million in B.C., we’ve only had (at the time of this writing) 29,086 cases of COVID-19 Why would anyone think that our guidelines, which include masks, haven’t been working?

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Two weeks ago I could go to my grocery store and between 70-90 per cent customers were not wearing masks.

That is the reason that COVID continues to spread.

Go back to the beginning and do what we did before to keep the cases down.

Norma Reimer


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