Medical system itself is a problem

Medical system itself is a problem

Re: ‘Doctor shortage’ (PQB News, Nov. 28)

The problem is not just the shortage of doctors but the system itself.

We are assuming that physicians should be the entry into the health care system. Why? Why not have more clinics staffed by specially trained nurse practitioners, physiotherapists, nutritionists, etc.

People should be told to go there first, assessed by these other health care professionals and then referred to a physician if necessary. Often illness can be addressed by a change in lifestyle, diet, etc.

Sometimes people just need educating.

This could reduce the amount of medication we use.

Let’s face it, we do over-medicate. Sometimes people just want an ear, or to have their questions answered, or reassurance – and a doctor usually does not have time. With our present system patients are frustrated and doctors are frustrated.

Our current system is tantamount to going directly to the Supreme Court instead of retaining a lawyer.

Of course, this precludes an obvious emergency when people do need to see a physician right away.

Angie Harriott

Qualicum Beach