No planet-saving Robin Hood

No planet-saving Robin Hood

Re: ‘Sheep following their teen climate saviour’ (Letters, PQB News, Oct. 29)

I could not agree more with Mr. Rysdyk’s comments regarding the Greta phenomenon.

Whilst her stance on climate change is laudable her endless chant on banishing all aspects of our civilized world have become tiresome. With all due respect Ms. Thunberg, I advise you to cease your ramblings for the moment, advance your abilities for critical thinking, (which is indelibly linked to growing older and the maturing process), learn about the industries you are trying to eradicate and the steps they are taking to reduce emissions and transition to a more environmental manner of conducting business.

For those of you that still see her as the Robin Hood of saving the planet I encourage you to go online and research some of the details that permit her to carry on this crusading lifestyle.

Dave Bishop