People are great in Qualicum Beach

People are great in Qualicum Beach

On Sunday, Dec. 1, I was driving my scooter down Fern Road West.

The scooter conked out.

Six very kind and thoughtful people offered to help me and I thank them profoundly.

Theresa took me home to get the charger. Phil plugged it in the outside wall at Quality Foods, with their permission. After an hour and a half, it didn’t work too well. A young man on Fern Road offered to push my machine up the grade to my house – a block and a half. I was in the scooter.

I couldn’t walk that far because I’d had hip replacement surgery. The young man was wonderful and kind. His parting words were ‘my wife and dogs are waiting in the car’.

I’ve lived in Qualicum Beach for nearly 34 years. What a great town.

Audrey Cameron

Qualicum Beach