So much more needs to be done

So much more needs to be done

Re: ‘When will we say ‘enough is enough’?’ (Letters, PQB News, Oct. 15)

I read with sympathy the letter from Leonard Mustard.

We are all aware of increased vandalism, thefts, insurance claims etc etc.

But the author seems to feel that the so called do-gooders’ actions must stop. This is a solution?

We have proudly built Orca Place and hope that more will follow. No, Mr. Mustard, I don’t feel that enough is enough. So much good is being done, yes, and so much more needs to be done. We are better as a society than to become one that turns its back on this issue of homelessness and poverty and hopelessness.

We need to help the organizations and individuals the are already lending a hand rather than ever saying enough is enough. It will be enough when this problem goes away and all our residents have a warm bed, nourishing food and a reason to hope for a better tomorrow knowing that the community cares.

Lynn Luke