System ignores victims, makes excuses for perpetrators

System ignores victims, makes excuses for perpetrators

Re: ‘When will we say ‘enough is enough’?’ (Letters, PQB News, Oct. 15)

Malcolm Gladwell, author of many books including The Tipping Point, remarked that “small crimes lead to big crimes.”

Nanaimo is already experiencing this and just recently an Island woman was hit with a pipe as she was coming out of The Dorchester hotel. She believes this man was after her purse. She could have been killed.

In Campbell River, a man was shot and killed.

I do care about the down-and-out but the judicial system has to change to reflect the times we are living in. Why should our residents be reluctant to go to bed at night knowing there are people out there looking to rip them off?

Working people pay enough taxes as it is without having to foot the bill for an ineffective response by the police. I am not blaming the police, it seems they have their hands tied by a system that ignores the victims and makes excuses for the perpetrators.

Sylvia Gardner

Qualicum Beach