Thank you to kind family from Lasqueti Island

Thank you to kind family from Lasqueti Island

Please help me publicly thank a couple of teens and their parents for their kindness and support shown me recently.

The family is from Lasqueti Island.

At Foster Park, I was on my mobility scooter walking my dog when I ran into two huge boulders, knocking me off the scooter. As I laid on the ground the daughter, Coco, rushed to my aid trying to comfort and help me and holding on to my dog. Realizing they couldn’t move me off the ground her brother, Bono, raced to his grandfather’s home (who they were visiting) and both parents drove to the park to offer assistance.

I only remembered the mother’s name of Christine and sadly not the father’s. I must say while waiting for help to arrive, a couple other adults had seen me laying there and offered no help but turned and walked away.

This family showed such kindness and helped me off the ground and back on my scooter. I’m so grateful for their caring and concern. Such a good deed should be recognized. I know nothing more of how to thank them other than they live on Lasqueti Island and were visiting this day. Please help me to post a public thank you to them all.

Caroline Brown