We should be concerned about the less-fortunate

We should be concerned about the less-fortunate

If you ask anyone that knows me well, they will tell you that I’m a bit of a Grinch. I struggle to find the Christmas spirit, but I do try my best.

I have lived in Parksville for more than 30 years and have followed the Parksville area news with interest and often concern for most of those years. Unfortunately the last few years have caused me great deal of concern for the less-fortunate people of our community.

However the issues that our homeless face have some how inspired me to make a Christmas wish on behalf of our struggling less-fortunate community members.

My Christmas wish would be to have the privilege of firing all council members and making them pay back all the tax money they have wasted to make that sure that there would not be a homeless shelter in their backyard.

On that note I would like to wish a Merry Christmas to all and hopefully warm and dry night.

Rod Bailey