Young people must lead the way

Young people must lead the way

Greta Thunberg and the millions of people who have expressed real concerns about the changing climate should be supported, not vilified.

The next step in changing attitudes and providing some hope for young people and future generations is to develop an action plan. There are thousands of very smart young people who have the potential to develop concept plans on computers.

It is possible for humans to live on this planet with a sustainable lifestyle, without causing catastrophic changes to the Earth. What would this look like today, with our current technology, information and practical experiences from millennia? Our young people could produce templates to model different options of sustainable societies.

Politicians or scientists will not resolve the climate change crisis, it will take innovation, creativity and common sense.

We old fogies are leaving you young ’uns a real mess, and too many people put money and economic growth before caring for you or the Earth. Create a website and start developing prototype sustainable model communities that balance the needs of the population with the resources available.

Thinking outside of the box and sharing ideas could be a very positive start.

Trevor Wicks

Qualicum Beach