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Challenge your dog to sit anywhere

It's Train Your Dog Month and one Vancouver Island group has issued a challenge to all dog owners.
It's 'train your dog to sit' month.

PARKSVILLE -The Vancouver Island Animal Training Association has issued a Train Your Dog Month - Sit Challenge.

January is ‘Train Your Dog Month!’ across North America. The Vancouver Island Animal Training Association invites you to get busy with your dog this month and train him to sit anywhere, anytime using reward-based methods.

Sit is one of the basic behaviors to train and it’s the most useful. If your dog knows how to sit, you can use it to stop him from running out the door, jumping up on people and running up to a strange dog. In the vet’s office, a sit makes it easy to weigh him or be examined. Groomers like a dog that sits in one spot.

Does your dog already know the basic sit behavior? Does he really? Can he do it in many different locations under many different distractions?  The more practice he gets in many different situations, the more he is likely to actually understand what it means and the better he will be able to perform when you really need him to.

To help motivate you in your training, VIATA is hosting a “Sit Challenge”. They are asking that you teach your dog to really understand what the sit cue means.

The Challenge is easy to join. Just send in a few photos or videos of your dog sitting in unusual places during the month of January. Be creative, but don’t endanger yourself or your dog. Prizes will be awarded by random draw in two categories: pet owner and professional (trainers, groomers, veterinarian, pet-related business).

Having a dog that can perform a sit anywhere, anytime makes him so much safer and a pleasure to live with. For information on how to train a sit and the Sit Challenge details visit: or email

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