Helping men change their approach

Program aims to help men resolve conflicts without resorting to abuse

Haven Society and SOS have teamed to introduce a new program in our region, one they say will help men change their approach to relationships.

The program is called Men Choose Respect (MCR) in Parksville.”

“Provided in a safe, confidential and accepting environment, men work to change their approach to relationships and to build on safety, caring, equality and respect,” the SOS said in a news release issued Monday afternoon.

According to the release, the program provides individual and group counseling for men, who renew skills and abilities to negotiate conflict and difficulties without using anger or abusive strategies.

“Many men describe using approaches in the past that they regret, and want to avoid strategies that are pushing their relationship further away,” the release continued. “Although difficult to talk about at first, men in the program say the program is positive and supportive and find they begin to think about their relationship differently.

Men can contact the program by leaving a voice mail at 250-248-3500 (option 3), or email, talk with a counselor on the phone, and then make their own decision to attend.

“We are happy to bring this service to our community, as a complement to some of our other groups and services,” said Renate Sutherland, the Executive Director of SOS.

NEWS Staff