Shellfish safety checks

New facility gets a once-over from officials

The Deep Bay Fire Department, under the direction of Fire Chief George Lenz, has checked over the fire prevention mechanisms installed in the new Vancouver Island University Center for Shellfish Research.  

The center will become an international center of excellence for shellfish aquaculture, providing academic, industrial, government and First Nations opportunities for research and training.  

Deep Bay Fire Department is responsible for safety and rapid response to the building, its faculty and students.  

The fire alarms are state of the art, each equipped with strobe lights and beepers. 

The 97,000-gallon tank, filled by non-potable rainwater, is situated at a higher elevation for gravity pressure. This pressure feeds water to the fire hydrant for fire department usage and also supplies the water for fire suppression sprinklers. 

The building is made up mostly of concrete and British Columbia wood. All of the exits are clearly marked, and action plans have been made to evacuate all personnel if an incident should occur.  

With a facility of this magnitude and the number of students and staff on site, safety must always come first, which is why every precaution has been taken. 

Once Chief George Lenz and the fire department were through, they felt confident with the structure’s fire prevention capabilities. 

The fire department will be ready if the occasion should arise.

If you wish to learn more about the center visit www.viu/

— Thomas Flegel is a KSS student.


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