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Parksville garden display raises awareness of pollinators

Pym Street garden display has previously recognized RCMP 150th anniversary
The Pym Street garden is planted with a design that brings awareness to pollinators and their habitat.

It's a sure sign of summer in Parksville when the Pym Street garden is planted.

The much-loved annual garden display, different every year, is designed and created by the City of Parksville parks team.

Previous year’s displays featured recognition of the RCMP 150th anniversary in 2023, Parksville’s 75th birthday in 2020, hearts in 2021 as the community transitioned through the pandemic, and in 2017, Canada’s 150th, according to a news release by the city.

This year’s display is meant to bring awareness about bees and their habitat. Bees play a crucial role in the ecosystem as pollinators, aiding in the reproduction of many plants and crops that we rely on for food. However, these essential creatures are facing a concerning decline in population. To raise awareness about this issue and to provide a haven for bees, the Pym Street display garden is dedicated to showcasing their importance and the beauty of their habitat.

The garden will serve as a sanctuary for bees and other pollinators, offering them a safe space to thrive.

"In other areas of the city, we are cultivating more native plants which will support bees as well," the release stated. "Native plant flowers provide bees with a diverse and abundant source of nectar and pollen, essential for their survival and well-being. These untamed beauties not only offer sustenance but also create a rich and biodiverse ecosystem that benefits both bees and other wildlife."

Native plants are nature's resilience champions against drought. Unlike their non-native counterparts, they've evolved over centuries to thrive in Parksville's climate, making them more resilient to dry spells. The parks team will mix native plants along with drought tolerant non-native plants in many city flower beds to better adapt to dry summers. 

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